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Identifying The Benefits And Implementation Of An Online Hostel Management System


FretBox - Best Hostel Management Software 2023

In the era of digitization, it is now necessary that the works of every sector should now become digital. Which will not only reduce you a workload but will also take your business to new heights. In this sequence, we talk about hostels and PG. Talk about private hostels, private PG and hostels present within the college and university campus, we have brought for every way from your daily operation to the residence of the students living. Only another most effective solution called Fretbox (, which will make your hostel 100 percent digital. So now what is the matter of concern when there is Fretbox ( So now say solution one, benefits many.

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Why every college, university, private PG and hostel should adopt Fretbox (

At present, many hostels of the country and abroad manage their work manually, due to which the hostel administration, hostel owners and residents of the hostels have to face many types of problems. For example, managing daily operations, solving the problems of the residents as soon as possible, not being able to collect hostel rent on time, residents and their guardians or someone else can not get feedback and suggestions for their hostel facilities, 24 hours Not being able to communicate with hostel staff and hostel residents, not to keep an eye on the presence of security guards or other security arrangements, many types of paper documents related to hostels, not being able to handle, to give room to new students. To not see the status and not manage visitors and parcels facilities etc. Fretbox ( has brought a solution to all these problems that will make your life easier and stress free.

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Our product

Now let's talk about our product, Fretbox ( has been designed keeping in mind every type of work and problems related to hostel eco-system. So hostel eco-system includes Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Deans, Director, Warden, Security Staff, Students and Hostel Staff like people related to house keeping and maintenance etc. Is. In which we have 3 mobile apps (for one admin, one security, warden and staff for staff and students are residing). Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS. Also, we have prepared a web app which makes the administrator aware of every hostel activity. Its use is very simple, smooth and timely saving. Fretbox ( saves more than 2 hours of time every day.

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Why choose Fretbox ( - Best Hostel Management Software in India)

Talk about what is the special thing we have to choose us, the answer is very easy as many people are selling the same product in the market, but the most strong and effective product will get a place in the hearts and homes of the people. In the same way, hostel managing software is also very much in the market, but we have found a solution to every problem related to hostel men will in many ways in many ways. Which are as follows-

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Helps you in NAAC rating

We help universities in NAAC Rating through Fretbox ( It is our goal to systematic and good all types of hostels.

Manage Multiple Properties

You can manage many properties very easily at the same time through Fretbox ( In this, our three mobile apps and web apps help you completely.

Google ranks first in search.

In such a short time, it is not easy for every business to come in the first place in Google search, but due to the best services of Fretbox ( and through our experienced team we have achieved this feat.

Apna Desh Apna Language

We have designed Fretbox ( on the lines of "Digital India" initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We have kept every person in India in mind and have created Fretbox ( in every language including Hindi of India. So that every Indian can easily manage their hostels in their language.

Setup Fretbox ( in just 60 minutes

The way to setup Fretbox ( is very easy and also takes less time. So first create an account and get approval with technical assistance. After this, create a type of community building, housing and map. Then create warden, security, manager and other essential users based on the role of the user and at the end ask your inhabitants to download the resident app for 100% digital change. Now you are connected to Fretbox ( Thank you

Stay alert

Fretbox ( is always on alert mode and sends an alert notification to the administrator such as- whenever students, employees are in an emergency, whenever the students get out of the hostels in the disrupted time and if any visitor hostel complex Stay in

Other special features

While creating, we have also taken special care of smart infrastructure in which- you can connect Fretbox ( to your control devices like- Turntil Gates, Survelance (CCTV), and many other devices, and many other devices. with. Due to which Fretbox ( not only provides your hostel protection of enterprise grade but also makes itself full configurable.

Seamless digital experience with great features

Complaints Management, 24*7 collection of Rent & Charges, Effectively Manage Resident Leaves, Real Time status of Student in/out, Parcel Management, Real time occupancy data, Digitally access KYC documents, Monitor night patrolling of security, Noticeboard, Collect suggestions and Feedback, Important contacts, Mess Schedule & report, Inventory Management, Aminities booking, Polling, Manage Resident Database, Whatsapp Integration, Security, Raise emergency requests in a tap, Guard Instant Calling, Virtual Manager

Our Aim

Customer's pleasure, data privacy, security and technology is at the core of Fretbox ( and we try to ensure it. We are always ready for your suggestions so that your team can manage hostels better and in the last few years, Fretbox ( has proved this by winning the hearts of many customers.

So after reading all this, you must have become a lot of information about Fretbox ( If you want to know more, then visit our official website Fretbox ( and get more complete information.

Choose hostel management software "Fretbox" ( and give new life to your hostel management

Fretbox ( is a best hostel management system. With the help of freightbox, you can get 100% digital change of your hostel. Freightbox is a complete solution to your hostel problems.

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Fretbox ( manages all activities, functions of the hostel and solves all problems. Such as- daily operations, occupancy tracking, reviewing security guards and taking care of the safety of the hostel, taking care of the maintenance of the hostel building, resolving the complaints of the hostel residents as soon as possible, managing the requests for holidays, renting Collecting, managing parcels, handling emergency situations, managing inventory, issuing gate pass etc. Completing all these tasks smoothly at the right time is an example of an exact hostel management and it will be possible only with Fretbox (

To understand this, contact our team for live demo how our system can make life easier for your team. Contact Us

Fretbox - hostel management at your fingertips

By helping hostel management in managing securty, operations, daily assistance , fund collections Fretbox become the best Hostel management system.