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Identifying The Benefits And Implementation Of An Online Hostel Management System


8 ways Hostel Management Software improves institution's efficiency

Improvement in all types of hostel facilities

Hostel management software through technology through mobile apps and web apps to manage the facilities very well. Hostel management software is developed in such a way that each and every feature that is required in hostel management can be included in it. Such as providing or managing automatic rooms, easily assigning and monitoring tasks to hostel staff, tracking the rooms of hostel students or residents, their attendance and discipline, and sending email notifications, SMS alerts, push messages etc. also helps.

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Keeping real time track of maintenance of hostel building, premises and rooms

At present, day by day admission of students in universities and colleges is increasing due to which the demand for hostels is also increasing and in such a situation hostel management is a big problem which is affecting colleges and universities and questioning its branch. Picks up So it is important that instead of working manually and slowly, you can improve the efficiency of your institution with the help of a smart and simple hostel management software. Track the maintenance of hostel buildings in real time with cloud-based hostel management system and assign tasks for repair and maintenance of institute assets.

Now the time has come for hostels to be adopted by every college and university as soon as possible.

Every student wants that the kind of environment he gets at his home, he gets the same peace, relaxation and safe environment in his hostel so that whenever he reaches his hostel room (second home) after taking his classes from his college or university. So he should be as relaxed as he gets at his home. With this, colleges and universities will get a new boost and keeping in view all these arrangements, new students will also take admission at a fast pace. Hostel Management Software can help institutes to automatically authorise, assign and track student rooms from anywhere at any time. Can regulate the entry of students to the hostel with a secure ID/smart card or biometric system.

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Catching ragging and other misbehavior activities in the hostel

Often the students living in hostels commit many types of wrong incidents and also commit crimes like ragging, due to which the college or university becomes infamous in the eyes of common students and guardians. With the help of hostel management software, you can now catch the hostel indiscipline incidents and disputes in real time and take action against whoever is the culprit. It is most important for a respectable college or university to keep its campus and hostels free from ragging.

Keep every type of data related to hostel safe forever and also update it

It is better to keep your data safe on the cloud through hostel management software than keeping the papers safe manually. This will not only solve your many types of problems but will also help you so that you can easily search and view your data at any time, upgrade easily and not only that if the data is deleted by mistake. You can also create an automatic backup of it. Also will allow you to access offline data even when there is no internet presence. Now you can do away with the hassle of managing your hostel properties with ease. Also using RFID/barcoding technologies can easily manage hostel assets in real time across different hostels and keep track of physical asset location.

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Keeping all these types of benefits in mind, a hostel owner, colleges and universities must use hostel management software. This will make their every work simple and easy. Every day he can save more than 2 hours of time and most importantly he can double the respect and trust of his institution in front of the students and their guardians.

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FretBox ( manage all the activities, functions and solve all problems of the hostel. Like- Daily Operation, Occupancy Tracking, Reviewing the work of security guards and taking care of hostel security, taking care of the maintenance of hostel building, resolving the complaints of hostel residents as soon as possible, managing leave requests, Collecting rent, managing parcels, handling emergency situations, managing inventory, issuing gate passes, etc. Completing all these tasks smoothly at the right time is an example of accurate hostel management and all this will be possible only with FretBox (

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