We innovate everyday to make life easier for our customers.

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Customer Service And Delight Are FretBox's Core Values

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FretBox Synonyms For Complaint Box

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FretBox Care About Each Suggestion And Feedback

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FretBox is developed with customer feedback and ideas, so it fits well with co-living industry

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Certified with DPIIT

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Certified with StartinUP

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BinaryDots Technologies PVT LTD

Board Members

fretbox CEO Ashish

Ashish Gupta – Co-founder & CEO

For 13 years, Ashish Learnt to deliver complex and Mega IT projects, led teams in India, UK, Middle East.

fretbox co-founder & managing director Pranjali

Pranjul Gupta – Co-founder & Managing Director

A business Enthusiastic person, provided all initial capital to start, focused on branding and team empowerment.

fretbox team

Our Aim

100% digital transformation of co-living properties, with best in class facilities management for a hassle free living experience.

FretBox is a mission to see happy customers in world. Well implemented into a SAAS product to improve customer satisfaction score of our customers. We make smart solutions in facilities & security management sphere, and assist clients upgrade their rental properties.

World class quality output is provided 24x7 with customer-centric focus. Fretbox team listens to our customers .We understand their needs to deliver best quality solutions.Our best-in-class technical team delivers amazing customer experience,every day.

All our contracts , agreements are verified, certified by trademark holders, service providers,software proprietors.We provide data protection, privacy agreements and conduct certified due-diligence of our processes, systems.

Our Presence

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Bhopal - Indore

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