PG Online Rent Collection.

Fretbox empower you with 24*7 rent management of multiple properties. Manage deposits,create rent & other invoices, get paid, montior reports.

Let FretBox be your Rent Collector

Let FretBox be your Rent Collector

Creating 100s of manual invoices take your time?

Just 4 clicks, and invoices for all tenants are ready and sent.

Need a 2nd level review before sending?

FretBox enables maker/checker process easy, so first create bills for review.

Tired of maintaining physical receipts?

Get 24*7 access to digital receipts & rent payments with few simple steps.

Need frequent access to deposit & pending report?

With FretBox access such reports 24*7.

Feeling unorganized & unproductive?

FretBox gives you an organized & deep visuals of your month on month rental data

Feel shy reminding tenants for rent?

Let FretBox be your reminding agent and do the follow ups.