PG Resident complaint management.

Fretbox enables real-time tracking of PGs operational activities. It listens to every resident's touchpoint & improves their comfort, security. Enhance overall functioning of your PGs through Fretbox.


FretBox helps enhance the overall functioning / productivity & provide residents feedback.

Manage Multiple complaints very easily with Fretbox

Many residents , same Complaint?

FretBox help you avoid duplicate complaints for same problem.

Need proof as in video/image ?

Residents can attach video/audio/image/document as part of their complaint to help you know more.

Care to analyse complaint matrix?

A detailed analytics is always available to understand the statics and nature of complaints.

Do you prefer auto escalation?

Based on the nature and pre defined SLA, a notifications are automatically sent.

Managing complaints takes your day?

FretBox auto assign the complaint to pre defined team to help you save time & efforts.

Fretbox become the best PG complaint management system.