Fretbox enables real-time tracking of hostel activities. It helps you listen to every resident's touchpoint to improve their comfort & security. Enhance the overall functioning of your society by installing Fretbox.

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How we help?

We help you understand how your residents feel at each stage of their living needs.

Still using complaints registers?

Get Smart help desk with auto follow up and updates.

Visitor registers not readable?

Recieve Integrated Gate management, know them before you allow entry

Tired of maintaining physical receipts?

Get 24*7 access to digital receipts & rent payments with few simple steps.

Are you Irritated managing forms /links?

Pinpoint all important forms /links in one place quickly.

Feeling unorganized & unproductive?

Organise & monitor daily tasks & activities efficiently & effortlessly with alerts on tasks not executed.

Requesting, services & facilities supply taking too much of your time?

Send requests right from your phone's screen with single click & get them in no time.

Forgetting critical details in urgent situations?

Avoid it by Systematizing your profile data at one site.

Missing out regular updates?

Stay informed digitally about important notices & kitchen menu updates on your display screen regularly.

Burdened under bundles of attendance registers?

Rescue yourself by switching to digital attendance helper for easy & accurate attendance taking and tracking of residents unavailability.

Suffering communication gap within your community?

Just fill that gap up with discussion on quality of services & facilities being provided, giving feedbacks accordingly for improvements. Keep yourself in loop and engaged.

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Frequently asked Question

How do I know whether my customer is happy or not?

With FretBox, you can receive feedback and suggestions digitally which helps you to improve your services accordingly. All their complaints, feedback and suggestions are recorded on a platform from where it is easy to gauge their satisfaction levels.

My employees are sometimes over-burdened with work and there is nobody to address customer complaints. How can Fretbox help me?

The Fretbot which is your personalised chatbot provides you with digital assistance and instant support to your customers 24*7.

Being a management committee member managing a lot of societies at once, I often find it difficult to prioritise complaints. How can this issue be resolved with Fretbox?

Fretbox helps you to prioritise the complaints received from residents in real time and makes sure that the most important tasks are catered to first, ensuring that your residents are need not worry about them anymore.

My customers are complaining on various forums and social media. How do I manage all of those complaints at one place?

With Fretbox, you can now avail multi-channel integration where you would be able to receive complaints and enquiries via social media, S.M.S, e-mails or calls, all at one place.

Is Fretbox multi-lingual?

Fretbox is multilingual with customers getting to choose from English, Hindi and Marathi. The Arabic version is set to be introduced later this year.

Can I personalize my business with additional features using Fretbox?

Fretbox will customise and personalise your business for you, just the way you want it. Just fill up a form and get in touch with us and we would love to help you out.