Platform & Device Independent

“Fretbox can deal with multiple platforms.”

1. FretBox is compatible with different platforms like Windows, IOS, and Android. Our team collaboration makes each platform perform effectively and efficiently. Fretbox provides the user with the ease to utilise and explore each feature.

Informative Dashboard

“A dashboard that provides a snapshot of performance”

Information dashboard provides at - a - glance single view of multiple teams’ performance. You can check complaint stats, get live updates, track paralysed complaints, check last seen logins, and view feedback. You can save time in managing teams, and quickly focus/attend to important issues.

In short, Fretbox’s informative dashboard provides you the progress report in a single view. You can save your time in managing team, while quickly focusing on what is important and improving your grievance management.


“Our aim is to create transparency.”

Our software delivers complete support, takes care of your customers, and helps to maintain a systematic balance within the organization by keeping the system transparent and simple.

By using Fretbox, one can keep maintaining the transparency in their system. When a customer logs their complaint, they will get a complaint number with which they can track their complaint status at each & every step along with getting notified by our SMS facility about the progress.

Multilingual Support

“Communication is important, Fretbox provides support globally”

We speak your language. Fretbox goes an extra mile, reaching out to every resident, touchpoint, and customer. Our multilingual feature lets your customer or resident understand Fretbox operations in their own choice of language.

Multichannel Support

“We provide multichannel support at one place”

Fretbox is a multichannel help desk that supports customer’s inquiries via mail, social media, phone, or SMS chat. These messages will produce specific ticket codes and send them to the right department for faster and proper action. We make it reachable to everybody as much as possible for them to talk to us conveniently. We prioritize customer’s convenience and reach out to everybody in every way possible.


“Customer's satisfaction is our priority”

Feedback from customers is truly important. Comments and suggestions are what make us perform better. Fretbox makes sure we all hear our customers and give our best response. We focus on customer’s satisfaction and we are transparent with everything we do.

Reporting & Data Analytics

“Organize and explore your data into informational summary”

Advanced reporting

Fretbox has advanced reporting that gives rise to accurate facts on the ground. It’s a feature that adds comprehensive and interactive reporting as well as data analytics capabilities. It will be a big help for clients to monitor their business performance in an organized way.

Data analytics

Fretbox analyzes data through its quantitative and qualitative information and categorizes it to information that will enhance business gain. This analysis can be used to better understand the business performance.

Customize Support Desk

“Support desk that looks the way you want it”

Fretbox provides you a customized support desk. Now you can add your company logo, give your product name and also add tagline or description to your support desk. You can also use a support URL of your choice. Customize until it will look like your own support desk.

Fretbox Recording

"Listen to call recording within application"

Fretbox application allows you to record calls and listen to this recording for service and quality purpose. You can hear this recording to provide the best and the most efficient solution. This feature is useful to monitor the call records for quality assurance purpose.

Escalation and Reminder

“Letting you know when there are delays”

Whenever there is a complaint, we make sure that it will not be ignored. To do this, we categorize it and send it to the right department. If unfortunately, a complaint was ever neglected, Fretbox will send a reminder to prioritize it.

Instant SMS & E-mail

"Provides surety of complaint registration"

Instant SMS & E-mail is sent to the customer on complaint registration. A complaint ticket is generated and issued to the customer by SMS & Email.